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Chinese herbal medicine is a respected ancient and modern form of medicine. It is backed up by the time tested Chinese medical system of diagnosis and treatment.

This form of medicine goes back thousands of years and has studied the flavors, properties and functions of hundreds of herbs and how they work together. This is a subject of extensive research (especially in China) that aims to understand the pharmacology of different herbs and formulas, and their effect on human physiology and health.


Chinese herbalists have diligently refined and mastered the art of making herbal formulas throughout the last few thousand years. These Formulas have effectively treated a large population for many different types of diseases that have been prevalent among different climates, populations, and eras.

An herbal formula is a specific composition of herbs made for an individual, with the purpose of treating both the current symptoms (the branch), and the underlying cause of disease (the root). The herbs work in synergy to increase treatment effectiveness, make the formula easy to absorb, and deliver the medicine to the desired organ or tissue. 

Chinese herbal medicine can work in combination with acupuncture and other treatment modalities and should be considered for any chronic, stubborn and complex internal illness that has not yet been successfully treated.

Our Specialist


Dr. Edward Mccloskey

Dr. TCM, BSc

Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine

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