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Grant Marven

“I am very happy with my therapy at Victoria Exercise Rehab Clinic (VERC). The therapists are great during your treatment and they also give you exercises to do on your own so you can maximize your recovery time.The therapists keep to their patient schedules but you never feel as though you are rushed. VERC therapists work as a small team so you can get to know them all and they really care about you. They managed my needs with multiple injuries from my accident. The team has many different specialties. They have really helped with my recovery and I am very happy with my progress. I highly recommend Victoria Exercise Rehab Clinic.”

Marshia Roberge 

“I was referred to Trevor O’Brien, Victoria Exercise Rehabilitation Centre, after months of ongoing pain resulting from a serious cycling accident. Trevor has been a life saver. He is caring compassionate and has a deep understanding of the human body, mind and spirit. From the very beginning Trevor worked one on one along side me with support and encouragement.  Always explaining what we were doing and why were doing it. Touching base with me after treatments and activities I was doing outside the clinic to assess how I was progressing. Trevor has a gift to see beyond the physical into the emotional aspect of healing. He genuinely cares about your overall well being. Very soon I came to trust him like my own personal trainer and confidant. I experienced successes and struggles, laughter and tears, but came through with Trevor beside me stronger and happier than I would have thought possible. Throughout the program Trevor referred me to other therapists on his team to maximize benefits from their skills and expertise. A full team of specialists looking out for your total well being. It doesn’t get better than that. The atmosphere of the clinic is casual, fun and yet professional at the same time. The clients get to know each other well and share experiences. This camaraderie is also very beneficial to recovery. You’re not alone with what you are going through. My program now transitioning to self maintenance, I feel strong, pain free yet heavy hearted as I leave Trevor and the supportive caring people that helped me navigate through my recovery.”


“People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.” 

Trevor’s reason - my accident

Trevor’s season – his treatment program.

Trevor’s lifetime - a special friend forever.

Thanks for everything Trevor.”


“I have a severe spine injury and started to work with Trevor in 2005 after 8 months in the hospital. I have lots of impairments and Trevor immediately started brainstorming on how he could help me. I fall every now and then and my wife was afraid she would injure herself getting me up off of the floor. Other Physiotherapists said they could not teach me how to get myself up, but Trevor figured out a method that has me doing 90% of the work saving my wife’s back and making me more independent.”

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