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Please bring any documentation, referrals and imaging with you to your initial assessment. If you do not have the copies, please have the necessary contact information of who ordered the imaging to make the request & have you sign a Release of Information.

Be sure to have the online intake form filled before arriving at the clinic.



Once you have arrived at the clinic the clinician that you are working with will review what you filled out on the intake form in the treatment area.

The clinician will explain the next steps which entails signing a consent form before an assessment is done.


The assessment consists of looking at above and below joints of where the pain is felt and where the issue is located - both actively (you moving area) and passively (clinician moving area). They will compare both sides to make sure its not your normal range of motion in order to find out the root cause.

Your clinician will then perform a series of muscle testing to look at imbalances in the body as well as palpation which is to see if there is any tightness or tender spots.

From there your clinician will develop a treatment and rehabilitation plan to meet your goal.  This includes a home program depending on the healing stage your in.

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