Here is where you can find answers to some frequently asked questions!

Frequently asked questions

What types of payment to you take?

Victoria Exercise Rehabilitation Centre only accepts Cash, Cheque, or E-Transfers.

When should I use heat or ice with an injury?

Its dependent upon the healing stage your in and varies from clinician to clinician. Usually you want to ice when there is swelling or pain associated with an injury. Since ice contracts muscle which in return decreases blood flow and numbs the nerves to help with pain. It also helps to slow down metabolism and helps to relieve symptoms of autoimmune diseases. Heat is used when there is no swelling in the area (later stages of healing). Heat helps to increase blood flow/oxygen/nutrients to muscles, helps to decrease adhesions, and decreases transmission of pain signals to the brain.

Is it ok to exercise when you are in pain? How do you know if its too much?

It is important to differentiate between discomfort and pain which can help to understand if exercise is good for your injury or not. Rememeber that physical activity however, does have its fair share of aches and pain. If you feel a burning sensation after your workout then thats just your muscles saying that you have had a good workout. If you're in pain 12-36 hours after a workout we call this delayed onset muscle soreness (caused by a release of lactic acid) thats when your body needs a break for a day or so. If your experencing sharp stabbing pain or chest pain then you know you need to stop exercise and seek advice or help from your GP.

What is the difference between the initial assessment and subsequent treatment?

Initial Assessments is for the clinican to understand what your experiencing day to day and with physical activity. Its also for the clinician to see what motions are affected, what muscles are weak or strong, if there are any assymetries in the body (gait, range of motion, or muscle), tender spots/tight muscles, etc. A Subsequent Treatment is dependent upon what the clinician saw from the assessment but usually includes modalities and individualized exercise prescription program.


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