Community acupuncture is an effective, and affordable way to receive acupuncture treatments. This style of treatment allows for friends, family, and members of the community to gather together to receive treatment in a relaxed and comfortable setting. 

Community acupuncture uses accessible acupuncture points located in your hands, arms, feet and legs. These points are able to create a powerful regulatory and relaxing effect throughout different parts of your body such as your back and neck. 

We have two time slots for community acupuncture once a week on Thursday evenings from 5:30-6:30 and 6:30-7:30. 



In order to make this treatment available to all members of the community we provide an affordable sliding scale of $25-50 per treatment. You pay what you can, no questions asked. 

If you have insurance that covers acupuncture, we will be happy you with a receipt to submit to your insurance company. If you are eligible for premium assistance with MSP, you may be eligible for $23 per visits for 10 visits. To find out more about this please contact MSP directly. 

Due to the limited spots of treatment beds we require a minimum of 24 hour notice. All appointments that are rescheduled or cancelled with less than 24h notice and appointments missed without notice will be charged a $20 fee payable on the next treatment.